Wednesday, August 22, 2007

confessions of a yo-yo

I have just a bit of excess me to lose..

I have successfully lost weight before. I'd been around 130lbs at college but put on weight in my first months at Uni.. by January 2003 I weighed 160lbs and felt enormous. I used slimfast and weighed 123lbs on my wedding day that August.

140 160 130

I maintained my weight for a few short months. Unfortunately by purging after frequent binges, set off by blood sugar crashes. When I found out I was pregnant just weeks after my wedding day, I started to eat properly. Sadly the baby died, leaving me spiralling into depression and bingeing heavily. A month later, I quit smoking, and gained a few more lbs. Another month and I took myself along to a weightwatchers meeting. My mum was my "buddy", going along to her local meeting on the same evening. At that point, March 2004, I weighed over 160lbs.

By June I was down to 142, just a lb off of my top BMI, when I got a positive pregnancy test. A month later I was back at 155lbs, binging daily without purging, grieving the loss of twins, and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster I had been on, as the miscarriage took over 3 weeks. I began, again, on weightwatchers, getting to around 150 when just a month later I became pregnant. At my 12 week appointment I was 166lbs. I had antenatal depression, and continued to binge to deal with feelings of fear. After I had my son I was somewhere around 180lbs. I had PND and MRSA and put on more.

160 180 190

Went along to WW when my son was 2 months old, August 2005 and 190lbs+. I started to lose, but slowly. I had gotten down to 175lbs in April 2006, when I fell pregnant with my second son. After giving birth in January 2007, I had PND once more and put on more weight...

175 170 223

Now I'm feeling decidedly less gloomy, and went along to WW on August 1st to find out I weigh almost twice what I did at my wedding 4 years ago. Weighed in at 223lbs - just under 16 stone in old money - have lost 10.5lbs so far.

Aim is 10% loss (22lbs) for Dear Hubbys (DHs) birthday mid Oct. In all I want to drop at least 80lbs, an even hundred would be superb. ho hum...

Monday, August 06, 2007


Really? Who added the extra 100lbs. I'm 23, and 5'3". The scales should not show 223.

Not that it was a shock, really. I spent the last 2 weeks psyching myself up for this and had already dropped 10lbs according to my at home scales. But they were wrong, and said I was just around 225 to start.

Obviously not, as the glaring huge digital display of the WeightWatchers meeting scales hammered home to me on Monday. 

I am Joy, I am flabby. I shall blog myself slim again.