Wednesday, August 22, 2007

confessions of a yo-yo

I have just a bit of excess me to lose..

I have successfully lost weight before. I'd been around 130lbs at college but put on weight in my first months at Uni.. by January 2003 I weighed 160lbs and felt enormous. I used slimfast and weighed 123lbs on my wedding day that August.

140 160 130

I maintained my weight for a few short months. Unfortunately by purging after frequent binges, set off by blood sugar crashes. When I found out I was pregnant just weeks after my wedding day, I started to eat properly. Sadly the baby died, leaving me spiralling into depression and bingeing heavily. A month later, I quit smoking, and gained a few more lbs. Another month and I took myself along to a weightwatchers meeting. My mum was my "buddy", going along to her local meeting on the same evening. At that point, March 2004, I weighed over 160lbs.

By June I was down to 142, just a lb off of my top BMI, when I got a positive pregnancy test. A month later I was back at 155lbs, binging daily without purging, grieving the loss of twins, and dealing with the emotional rollercoaster I had been on, as the miscarriage took over 3 weeks. I began, again, on weightwatchers, getting to around 150 when just a month later I became pregnant. At my 12 week appointment I was 166lbs. I had antenatal depression, and continued to binge to deal with feelings of fear. After I had my son I was somewhere around 180lbs. I had PND and MRSA and put on more.

160 180 190

Went along to WW when my son was 2 months old, August 2005 and 190lbs+. I started to lose, but slowly. I had gotten down to 175lbs in April 2006, when I fell pregnant with my second son. After giving birth in January 2007, I had PND once more and put on more weight...

175 170 223

Now I'm feeling decidedly less gloomy, and went along to WW on August 1st to find out I weigh almost twice what I did at my wedding 4 years ago. Weighed in at 223lbs - just under 16 stone in old money - have lost 10.5lbs so far.

Aim is 10% loss (22lbs) for Dear Hubbys (DHs) birthday mid Oct. In all I want to drop at least 80lbs, an even hundred would be superb. ho hum...


  1. hey Joy - i'm sad to read about the loss of your babies.

    thrilled to see you blogging .))


  2. thankyou K =)

    glad to know you are watching, lol!