Monday, September 08, 2008

Very Happy 13 months on, a surprise pregnancy and twins later..

I had gotten down to 1lb off my 10% goal in early October 2007, when I stopped losing weight and felt very poorly.. a few days of denial and a home test later and instead of hitting my weightloss goal for DHs birthday, I was showing him a 3 month ultrasound scan picture of his twin daughters.

Went back to WW last week, to discover that I was 222lbs - so in 13months I have carried twins to 39 weeks, and lost a whole pound of flab. Fairly impressive, if not the original plan.

So, starting again now the girls are 3.5months old, and we have feeding well established, (with an extra 20 points a day as I am exclusively breastfeeding 2 babies) Really loving my new leader, who emphasised taking care of my milk supply, and not using low fat products.

Aiming (again) for my 10% - a loss of 22lbs for DHs birthday at the end of Oct.. though I know it may take longer to come off, and being able to feed my girls is far more important than getting the weight off at any great speed.

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