Monday, December 29, 2008

week 18 - maintaining over chrimbo week

Now that the girls are starting to try solids (by BabyLedWeaning) I can spend 20-30mins in the kitchen while they sit in their chairs and the boys "help" me. Hoping that by spending the time together, the kids will learn healthy eating habits while I lose the lbs.

Maintained over the Chrimbo week, which I am quite happy about, as I ate a huge roast, and DH did a massive joint of ham on Boxing day too.

Got to lose 1.5lb a week for 3 weeks to hit my target for little guys birthday.

Monday, December 22, 2008

week 17 - 5th silver 7

Lost 7.5lb in the last fortnight. Girls are growthspurting so even though I've had some days eating a point or two over, I'm still losing at a decent rate.

184.5lb this morning - want to lose 4.5lb in 4 weeks to reach my minigoal for boys birthday.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Week 16 - 1/3rd of the way there..

as of weigh in today. I have lost 33lbs, 15% off of my start weight.

This also happens to be equivalent to the combined weight of my 6 month old twins.

Standing on my scales holding them both, I get the same result as I did alone just 3 months ago! Terrifying thought. Won't be long until I'll be holding my younger son and saying the same. (Hopefully by his 2nd birthday).

Monday, December 08, 2008

week 15 - lots of changes.. but maintained

Update.. Been a mad few weeks.. we moved from Leicester down to Surrey with 3 weeks between decision and move, and DH had to find work before the money ran out.

My method of coping with stress is eating, a lot. (HUGE surprise I know!)

I wavered around 200lb for a couple of weeks, before starting at my new WW group 2 weeks ago. I've lost 8lbs since, so now at 192lb, need to lose 12lbs in 6 weeks to meet my mini-goal for sons birthday.

25lbs point passed
... and I have achieved my fourth silver 7