Monday, January 19, 2009

week 21, a week of goals..

So.. been a rough couple of weeks. Stuck indoors with two very poorly boys. Didn't make it to weigh in last week - but by my horribly accurate scales I had stayed at 13st 1. So 3lbs to lose in the last 6 days to get to my minigoal for Kais birthday yesterday.

Added to that the girls have really taken off with solids, doing baby led weaning so not huge amounts go in, but enough to make a difference. And so I've cut down my extra allowed for breastfeeding 2 by 5 points. Meant I've gone from 43 a day to 35.

I was *really* good, stuck to my points and tried not to think about the lack of walking I was doing. My sons birthday yesterday was lovely (and I blew 1/2 of my days points on a very naughty yummy cake!)

Today at weigh in I was 178.5lbs!! Almost the smallest I've been since having children, over 3 stone lost since September and down on my start weight by 20%. BMI has gone from 39.9 to 31.5 I'm really pleased with that result.

Also got my 6th silver 7

Next goal is for the girls' first birthday - 4 months away. I want to lose a lb a week to hit my next 10% - 11st 8lbs. (Secretly would love to maintain my current rate of weight loss and hit my 40% goal of 10st 2.. but we'll see!)

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