Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 feet of flab...

I have lost since starting weightwatchers in September. After spending yesterday yanking my jeans up every few minutes, I went through my current wardrobe trying to sort what now fit, and what was too big. All of my size 18 trousers are now hanging off me, and fall down every few steps. Even my baggy cut size 16 jeans are fast becoming too baggy. Shame as they are a favourite pair.

As I went through my drawers I came across an old friend - a bra (nursing twins makes bra wearing a foolish pursuit, I'd have to remove it each time they wanted feeding) that I hadn't worn since spring 2008. It's a 40E, and was too tight in the back, but was the closest good fit I could find. Remember measuring after the twins were born and needing a 44E. =(

Went through my weightwatchers bits and found my first journal, I had recorded measurements at the start, 4 weeks in and 12 weeks in.

BUST 50" 49" 46"
WAIST 48" 41" 40"
HIPS 49" 46" 45"
15" 14" 13.5"
THIGH 29" 27" 26"

At the start I was basically a big overstuffed sausage! By week 12 I had got a bit of shape back. I'd dropped nearly 2 stone, but my waist was still huge, bloated and overstretched from the recent years of pregnancy and overeating.

Measured myself again now that I've reached week 24 and dropped near 3.5stone.

BUST 44" THIGH 24"
HIPS 42"

A total loss of 33 inches! That's nearly 3ft of flab melted!! Every stone seems to shift 10" from around my body. My bra size has gone from 44E to a 40D. I am so excited to see my curves getting back to where they are meant to be, I used to have an hourglass figure of 36-24-36 .... unsure whether I'll see those measurements again, but a shape like that would be great.


  1. I love finding old clothes that used to be snug and now are tents. great motivation, great job.

  2. Well donee, you're doing really well, good luck!

  3. I love the inches tracking. its whats keeping me going right now. Thanks for stropping by my blog.