Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bl**dy bagels

Having a day where all I want to do is chuck food in. A day of being indoors, kids all busy with books & puzzles, cries for milk and shrill voiced "muuumy" every few minutes. Lots of orders for various foodie items that I have to prepare and serve (and invariably pick up off the floor). Lots of cleaning of bathroom/kitchen scrubbing floors/walls and washing/putting away of dishes and clothes..

After sweeping the kitchen and lounge, and clearing up around the table after a late lunch, I decided it was time for me to make and eat my much anticipated lunch while the kids are happy playing.. omelette again today - really fills me up and gives me lots of energy for the last hours of madness before I can convince the kids it's time for bed.

I reach up for the eggs.. and the box feels worryingly light. A quick peek to confirm it - all the eggs are gone - arse. So what do I do? Start a shopping list to see what else I need to pick up. Going through the fridge and cupboards when I spot a pack of open bagels.. mm a bagel with butter. So, I toast a bagel, spread some butter on, and ENJOY. I love butter, and have had to stop myself using it, as I can get through far too much.

After the first one was gone, I'm still hungry, and figure one more can take up the points I had allocated for my omelette (who was I kidding, the first one did that..) but then there's just one left in the pack.. and we do have a 4 slice toaster...

3 bagels *shame* and far too many points of butter later and I've trashed my points for the day. Am going to nick a few points off of the next 5 days and claw it back. Will be doable, but I wish I would just STOP myself from doing this. It makes me feel sick and disgusting, and there is no good reason for it. =(

I had lost another lb when I stood on the scales this morning, if I behave myself the rest of the week hopefully I'll see it gone for WI!

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