Monday, February 09, 2009

week 24... motivation loss

Found this week hard, have been grazing loads and munching not very good foods. Went over by a little each day. The twins have had a cold though, so fed a bit extra, which may be what pushed me to want munchies.. anyway, pleased to have another half pound off today. My leader is excited, another 1.5lbs and I qualify for a 50lbs certificate apparently. Then I'll be well on my way to my 30%

Went through my pictures to find photos of my loss so far, and posted to facebook - the more eyes I feel are watching the more I'm likely to keep motivated. Scary how I never really realised the amount I was carrying about. My mum saw the pics and called me, sounding teary, to say how scared she was when I was big. Couldn't think of how to tell me at the time as she thought I had enough on my plate (pardon the pun) with depression and barely coping as it was.

- Don't think she remembers the passing comment she made (not nasty, just about how mums always will be worried about their babies health, and that she wanted me to take better care of me) back in summer 07, that hurt to hear but made me go along to WW that week.

I definately was, and felt, obese. Now with bmi of 30.7 I feel overweight, but not obese anymore.

That said, at over 140lb I always felt bloated and sluggish compared to being under, and by bmi my maximum healthy weight is 141lb, so it was a good benchmark for me.

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