Sunday, February 22, 2009


had a good weekend, hopefully clawed back some damage inflicted earlier in the week. Went to a 2nd birthday party today and chased about after kids without scoffing any cake/buffet food. Hoping for a STS tomorrow, then back on track for me. No more train wreck, nice steady losses of an average 1.5lbs a week will see me at my personal goal of 162lbs for Easter. (Also my 30%)

*left - today* *right - 6months ago*

Upon looking at photos from today I realised how much I have achieved already. People are telling me that they've noticed I've lost a fair bit, and I'm starting to see it myself when going through photos. I am still overweight, sure, but I can see a huge change now. Having a look at pics and coming cross one of me no longer makes me want to cry! Particularly enjoying creating photo albums for the kids which will include me, healthy and happy!

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