Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Had to be done, with all the the ready made pancake mix in the shops. Seth really enjoyed making - and eating - them.

I ate two HUGE pancakes dripping with toffee sauce, 12 points and oh, SO worth every one. Cut back with lots of fruit and crispbread with light pate for lunch and will be fish for dinner. It was scary to think I would normally have eaten 2-3x that amount, and add ice cream.. and not change the rest of my eating that day!

Am going to give up chocolate for lent - is something I can definately do with not eating, has been responsible for too many binges. Knowing that there's a fixed time should get me through the cravings can tell myself it's not forever.

Living 40days without choc will get me used to it being an occasional treat food, rather than the major part of my daily diet that it was.

Already looking forward to my next taste come Easter!!

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