Thursday, February 12, 2009

resisting temptation...

is still *so* hard. Some days it gets me down that not shovelling loads of crud into my mouth should cause such internal struggle.

I've had to explain to my 3.5 year old son that mummy mustn't eat some kinds of yummy food now, as they are hurting her body. He's gotten really good at not letting me pick up naughty foods at the supermarket! On the (not nearly rare enough) occasion he has high point-valued yummies, he is great at telling me no.

Still, not picking at the leftovers on four plates, not nicking a handful of whatever snack I make for them is something I have to consciously stick to.

Today we got back from soft play and had lunch, after which S asked if I would help him make cakes. *wobble* Seeing a chance to be v good, I agreed.

I didn't lick the spoon, I didn't grab a cake, I didn't finish the cake the twins pulled the case off and left untouched, I left them cooling on the rack and told S sharing them out was his job.

By the time folding the laundry and clearing the kitchen was done the cakes were all gone and feeling like I was craving comfort food had passed!

... now, if I can just do this a few hundred times a month for the rest of my life, being slim will be easy....


  1. Oh, well done! I don't think I'd have resisted as well as you did! I'm having trouble staying away from that packet of Hob Nobs I still have lying in a kitchen cupboard, lol.
    It can't be easy with the extra temptations having the kids around creates... good luck keeping up your resolve!

  2. I love your blog. its so hard to stay OP with all the kid snacks in my house. I have twins two... 3year old boy/girl set. It gets easier, promise.