Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sneaky peek..

and I've done it! According to my scales this afternoon - was avoiding short term cake lust by reminding myself of bigger picture - I was 172lbs, which is my 50lbs mark!! Will want to see it at the scales next week, but safe to say I'm thrilled.

Celebrated by making myself an egg white omelette (while I love the yolk I didn't have the points free, and prefer white omelette to no omelette) with bacon, mushrooms and onion and grilled veg on the sided. Better value for my4 points than one cupcake!

Was having a quick mooch through some blog I'm following and ran across a post describing a site ( which allows you to upload a current photo, and alters it by up to 50lbs to show a virtual representation of that weight loss. As I've now got 50lbs to goal, I thought it'd be worth a shot!

before & "after" - will be fun to compare with my real goal photos in a few months..

1 comment:

  1. That site really gives a good result, eh? Amazing how they do that.
    The omelet looks yummy and well done on reaching your 50lb goal!! That's great :)