Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Trouser Test

So, since my WW leader pointed out my clothes are falling off me a couple of weeks ago, I have taken some time to go through my wardrobe, and realised that nearly all the trousers in there were too big now. I do have several pairs of jeans that just about fit, but they are loose and unflattering.

Lots of clothes in storage in Sams wardrobe, but they're mostly UK size 10 - have a way to go before those fit. I have jeans in sizes 18-24, and one pair of 16 - then all size 10-12. While the 16s fit, they are a generous cut, so are nearly too big. I went from a size 10-12 pre-pregnancy, to an 18 postpartum, and never got back down - so no clothes to grow back through!

Am planning to dig through the bits in the wardrobe - see if any trousers that I wore in early weeks pregnancy with Seth are still hanging about, as I was around this weight at that time.

Being me, this news seemed facebook-status worthy (ever hopeful of hubby getting hint and sending me on a shopping splurge) and my mum offered me a pair of brand new brown cords to tide me over, only problem - they are size 14. Thought I may as well try to get into them.. and had a lovely shock when they fit!!


  1. Wow, great job! Buying new clothes is inspiring, I hope your hubby picks up on your hints :)

  2. i love clothes nsvs. have fun shopping!