Monday, February 16, 2009

week 25

Wow I was nervous stepping onto the scales this morning! After the sneaky peek mid week, I was already celebrating having lost 50lbs.. then as I got to WI I started to panic that I'd have fluctuated back over!

As it was, I had a double celebration =)

You lost 50lb!

Congratulations! Take a moment. Let it sink in. Now, go share your joy. And be sure to tell your Leader about your milestone.

Keep up the great work!

and my 7th silver 7.

I lost 2.5lbs this week. Taking me to 12st 3lbs/171lbs.

My leader has asked me to stay to the meeting next week, to receive a certificate. Normally I don't stay, what with the kids with me.. so will bring along a portable playroom and snacks next week to amuse them while I stand up front looking embarrassed.

She commented on the fact my clothes are hanging off of me now. My mum gave me a load of her size 16-18 looser fit trousers when we moved down 3 months ago, and i bought some nice size 18 trousers to celebrate getting into standard 18 from 22 maternity. Very suddenly everything is too big, and falls down when I walk/stand. Am going to have to rummage through the back of our wardrobe to find clothes I grew out of when I was pregnant over 41/2 years ago!!


  1. Woop! That's great!! Congratulations :)
    I think that calls for a special treat... hope you have something nice planned to celebrate!

  2. that is amazing hun! very well done! x