Monday, February 23, 2009

week 26 - double celebration

After a difficult week, today was a real boost! I stepped on the scales hoping my angelic weekend would have made up for a few days of high point grazing earlier this week. Was really thrilled to see a drop of 2.5lbs! Think I need to relax a bit when I' driven to eat loads, and instead of assuming I'm going off the rails, allow for the fact that the babies may well be pushing my body for extra some days..

Presented with my certificate, cue cheesy photo opportunity! Then my mum (my WW buddy) was called up, as after a 6 week plateau she has lost 3lbs! and hit her 10% goal. So proud of her for sticking out 6 weeks - and maintaining! Was fun to both hit a milestone together.

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  1. way to go. what a great accomplishment. you must be so proud