Thursday, February 12, 2009

while I'm on the visual motivation kick..

I went over to my virtual model and made up before, current and goal virtual me, myself and I.

<--- Sept 2008 Feb 2009 --->

I am shocked at the difference to be honest. I'm so focused on where I'm headed, and silly excited about it, that I hadn't really spent any real time enjoying what I have already achieved.

Five months ago I was very overweight, with a BMI that was a lb off of morbidly obese. The only clothes that fit were plus size maternity and my 6ft 5" hubbys jeans - his"fat" jeans no less. (wearing in pics) I went through boxes of baked goods a day, a "snack" right before I went to bed was 4 rounds of toast and marmalade and a bowl of cereal! Despite exclusively feeding my twins, I put on 2 stone between their birth and when I began weightwatchers 3 months later. I struggled to keep up with my young sons, fell asleep several times a day if I sat down and would be out of breath if I climbed our stairs.

Now I am back in size 16, shop bought clothes. Most of my trousers are too loose, and I'm a lb or two off being a BMI of 29. I FEEL so much better. Can walk up our steep hill pushing a buggy and carrying the twins without gasping for breath. Have the energy to be awake through the day and motivated to get out and take the kids places. My self confidence is growing, I no longer feel horribly huge. If I am peckish in the evening I'll get a fruit or a single biscuit to balance my blood sugar.

Put the fat jeans on tonight and was amazed at how much of me has melted.
They were a *tight* fit before, as you can see in the photo above - just went around my middle, and were tight against my bum and thighs... tonight I felt like a kid dressing up in a parents clothes.
The difference in my legs was a shock - I hadn't realised they'd changed much, if at all. As you can see in the pic, my thighs now look half the size that they must have been to fill those legs!


  1. Great pics! Well done :)

  2. Wow, you are doing great, well done! And my how youhave your hands full! 4 children under 5 - wow, i take my hat off to you! Will be following your story xx