Monday, February 23, 2009

Yay! I'm overweight!!

Had lost (! ... babies must be growth spurting, as I obviously used all those extra calories consumed earlier in the week) at weigh in today. Down 2.5lbs, so now weigh 168.5 another 1 lb and I'm in the 11stones again!!

This also means something fairly fantastic - I am no longer obese! BMI is now 29.8, down from a morbidly obese >40 in summer 2007, and 39+ at the start of WW 6months ago.

I know the BMI chart isn't loved by all, I find the bottom healthy weight seems too low for me personally, otherwise it fits me very well.

BMI Healthy Weight Calculator


  1. Congratulations. That's great!

  2. Well done and good luck for getting into the 11's!