Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ack.. too hungry

I don't know whether the babies are needing an extra 10 points a day, or whether it's just me being a glutton, but I'm finding sticking to my (already decent amount of) 30 points every day. I am just SO hungry. I'm mostly making good choices, using filling foods, eating lots of grains, fruit and veg and protein at each meal, but within an hour I'm growly-bellied again.

Determined to see the scales display *11* st something tomorrow, but a tad worried that the extra (50??!) points I've consumed this week will tell tales on me. =( It is very possible that the girls are doing a 9-10month growth spurting and needing up to an extra 10points a day, in which case I ought to have a loss - just don't want to get my hopes up.

Too scared to have a sneaky peek in case it tells me bad news and I pig out in pity for myself, lol.

Think maybe I need to change how I'm using the points, make soups/other low point fillers between meals - up to now I've been able to snack without being careful with my allowance, starting at 43 points I had plenty to play with. Now I am on 29, still a decent amount, but without changing my mindset I am falling into eating patterns which mean I only have a couple points left for dinner/evening snacking.

Also being more strict with myself about activity. I walk a lot anyway, but am pushing to do "extra exercise" 3 times a week. This week, on top of looking after the brood and usual walking to the shops/park/outings I have taken Malachi to his Rugbytots class, and run around with him for the hour. I've walked twice down to the village at the bottom of our hill and back again (a 2mile walk and *very* steep) with 50lbs to push in the buggy, and carrying the 40lbs weight of the twins. We also have been for a 2 hour walk in the sunshine to the garden centre. I'm going to be recording how many miles I'm walking each week now, (using MapMyRun) and as the babies get bigger, hopefully get to go out for a run in the evening a few times a week.


  1. Just been having a quick look at your blog and I love the picture of your babies strapped to your front and back - they must be such a handful sometimes!!

    Well done for not sneaky peaking - it really isn't a good plan!

    Mapmyrun is a great site once you get to know it, really useful for people who are curious like me who need to know how far they have walked/run/cycled!

  2. Wow you sound super active but your right your body does get used to what it does!

    Lets hope those beautiful babies are a few lbs heavier this week and you're a tad lighter!

    Good luck

    Janine x

  3. Thanks both!

    I like to jump on the scales occasionally, I find it always gives me a push - if I see good numbers I feel like continuing as I am, if the result is not so good it gets me back on track. I'm aware though that it can be a stumbling block for others..

    The kids all keep me on my toes! Great for exercise, not so great for not picking at snacks/leftovers with 4 little people to prepare and clear up between 12-20 meals a day for, lol!!

    Mapping how many miles I'm covering a week ought to b useful, will aim to gradually increase it. =)