Tuesday, March 03, 2009

bye bye plus sizes..

.. hello scary amount of newly shoppable clothing!

After going through my wardrobe and pulling out all my size 18+ clothes I felt good. I had trousers to wear that were bought new 3 years ago, and looked forward to trying them on.

The first pair were a bit too baggy, another pair sagged horribly. A third pair fit well enough and so I wore them to the farm. Today I wore the fourth pair. And spent all day long pulling my trousers up!!

Seems that I have skipped by becoming a size 16 and gone straight to a 14. Actually, a 15 would be good, to avoid muffin top effect when I'm sat feeding the babies... upon getting home this evening I pulled out the trousers I last wore before going into maternity wear when pregnant with my eldest child. They are topshop 14 jeans. Really did not expect to get them up, never mind fastened, although I am the same weight as I was when last wearing them..

4.5 years ago (left) today (right)

A size 14!! Amazing. Am really spurred on by this (as well as by being bought new size 14-16 tops by proud hubby) Aiming for 2lbs off this week, to hit 4 stone off in 6months and get back to my official pre-pregnancy weight. Then it's just the regular "eats too much" flab that I have got to lose!


  1. Well done! You look fabulous! It must feel so good to have come so far :) Good luck shifting the last few lbs!

  2. Wow well done!!! Love the slideshow thing and great to see you feeding your gorge girlies!!!

    You're like wonderwoman or something!!!

    J x x x