Thursday, March 26, 2009

change NOW not tomorrow.

Today began well enough. I avoided the accusatory glare from my scales as I got dressed this morning. Grabbed a glass of water and got on with emptying the dishwasher and loading the washing machine. I got the kids cleaned and dressed and made brekkie. The kitchen and bathroom clean, I grabbed myself some cereal and apple.

But then it all went downhill.. first my mum came and dropped off some toys for the kids - and a box of maple cereal bars!! Promptly ate 5 points worth. On top of my normal mum duties, I'm being run ragged by the babies. They are in the velcrobaby stage, teethy, learning to walk and very whiney. Feeding every 45mins and wanting me to hold them all the time. Totally normal, just a phase but Egads it drives me loopy!

So I ate way too much nutella spread on bread .. sigh.

Then the post came, with a timely reminder in the shape of my newest monthly pass. I looked at it with my new WI card too, both all clean and fresh and new. All my previous passes and original card a bit grubby, well worn. It's time for a fresh start NOW. My losses have been fine so far, but my head is still being controlled by a binge eater, not a healthy attitude. This ends now, the binge eater has had her reign, her card is full, her passes are expired..

Enough is enough. I am eating because I am cross, I get a feel good from the food but then feel extra angry at overeating. Needs to stop. Now.

I'm taking ideas from all over the blogasphere - going to drink a glass of water before I eat anything. Going to do a 5 mins housework job instead of grab food when I am stressing - the exercise will give me a break/boost and results will make me happier - to have clean house and not have mindlessly eaten junk would be fabby. Also going to photo all I eat, if nothing else the time taken to find my camera may limit the amount I can stuff in, lol.

Starting now, not tomorrow.. too many hours before then in which I could do further damage.

Dinner was a lovely low 3 point bangers and mash.
2 extra lean Sainsburys BGTY sausages (2.5)
fried (in frylight) onions (0)
1/2 butternut squash, mashed (0)
steamed carrots and mushrooms (0)
and 70ml gravy (0.5)

Totally yummy, filling and tasted so much better than any of the crud I'd been stuffing in the last few days. Going to do more cooking over the weekend, do a short sharp quickstart to limit damage for Monday, and keep up the photos until I am back on top of my crazy eating behaviour.

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