Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a family affair..

feeling a bit proud of my tribe really. It's not just me shedding the lbs, though my BMI was the highest, my mum and more recently darling hubby have been working out their own demons with food, and have achieved fabby weightloss.

Today my mum went to her Rosemary Conley class and WI showed she'd reached her lowest weight in over 6 years! Whoop! Go mum. =) She had done fantastically on a low GI/anti candida diet when I was a teen, hitting goal and maintaining wonderfully. Then she went back to college, and long hours being studious and munching minstrels lead to a significant gain of a couple stones. She has been chasing them since before I got married. In 2008 she nearly reached her current weight, but gained almost 2 stone again when staying with me after I had the twins. Damn stress eating. Back to weightwatchers just before I did last September, and she's now achieved her 10% there, and joined Rosemary Conley now to follow the low GI diet which works so well for her. She's just under 20lbs to get to goal, and her BMI has dropped from 31.3 to 27.4 !!

My fantastic supportive hubby had used weightwatchers before we had kids, with great success. He's a tall bloke, hovering with his head in the clouds at 6' 5". Each time I've gained weight post baby, so has he. Seeing his weight creep up even further after successfully controlling his colitis with meds for the last year, he started recording his weight and making small alterations to his eating habits in late January. He's aware of watching calories and sat fat, and has dropped soda drinks and cut out sugar in drinks and snacks. In 2 months he has dropped from his highest weight of 275lbs by 20lbs and changed his BMI of 32.6 to 30.2.

I'm so proud of them both. =)

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