Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get moving..

On a kick, now I'm getting close to my first start weight (how odd is that to type??!) of 11st 3lb - I remember being active every day was very important in getting a result at the scales each week.

I'm a fairly active person anyway, but find that if I get out of the house each day my mental wellbeing is so much better than if I've stayed in. Being cooped up all day with 4 kids aged 3 and under is not good for stress levels! Getting everyone ready to go takes some doing, but after 15mins walk I feel great. Seth is always better for a walk too, and the younger three enjoy the fresh air and change of scene.

SO. I am going to start getting us all out every day for a decent walk, even if it's just to walk the roads for a couple of miles. Going to use MapMyRun to work out how far we've walked of a week, and I've found my pedometer, will be interested to see if I am doing the recommended 10K steps a day.


  1. sounds like a great plan! i know what you mean about the fresh air making a huge difference in your mood.

  2. That is a fantastic idea - wish I had your motivation for that one but had a foot problem so I'm not meant to do too much walking!!!