Sunday, March 08, 2009

Goals and targets

******************EDIT JULY 2010************************

Have scrubbed the goals board clean, and using new dates so I can look forward rather than continually looking back and feeling like a muppet!

So yeah, some of these goals I had achieved last year. But I'm putting in the effort now, and deserve to acknowledge the work now, just as I did then. Without having the voice niggling at me about how much time I wasted. I *know* I messed up, but I'm done beating myself up, it doesn't burn enough calories...


I have yet to set an official goal weight with weightwatchers, but I guess I'll set it at 138lb (9st12lb) exactly 6 stone off my starting weight, and 3lbs under the top range of healthy BMI for my height. Still, my *ultimate* weight goal is to reach 122lbs (8st 10lbs) which is what I weighed just after my wedding, and I felt so well at that time. I've had 4 kids since, so I don't know if that will still be the case, but it would be incredibly satisfying to know I'd managed 100 lbs loss!

I've picked out loads of mini goals to break it down into manageable chunks, and keep me motivated along the way. Italics are the target dates I'm hoping to achieve each goal at. Coloured = completed, and link to relevant blog entries where I've made them! I have weight, fitness and size/NSV goals.


7lbs off - 10/09/08

first stone off - 26/09/08

10% goal (200lbs) - June 30th 2010
25lbs off - June 30th 2010 - equivalent weight of a daughter.
second stone off (194) - July 7th
third stone (180) 
lose equivalent of a rhino - (179)
20% off (178)
50lbs off *halfway* (172)
lose the weight of eldest child or the twins combined!! (170)
fourth stone (168)
30% goal (156)
smallest boy and smallest girl (-154 ish)
fifth stone (152)
75 lbs off (147)
biggest boy and biggest girl (- 145ish)
WW goal for gold membership (140) 
sixth stone (138) 
40% goal (134)
wedding dress weight (as of final fitting) (129)
lose weight of both twins and the rhino -127ish
lose weight of both rhino and the big un -125ish
seventh stone (124)
45% goal (123) 
goal 100lbs off

Upstairs without getting breathless - 10/08
Not falling asleep in the day - 12/09
Resting pulse in normal range - 02/09
Able to get all 4 kids up the hill by myself - 04/03/09
Take Malachi to rugbytots (an hour spent running after him) - 28/02/09
Wii piggy Bronze
Wii piggy Silver
Wii piggy Gold
Race for life 5k under an hour - July 19th 2009
Race for Life 5k under 50mins - July 18th 2010
BMI overweight, not obese 
BMI "healthy"
Run 20 minutes straight 
Complete C25K
Complete B210K
200 squats - 02/06/09
100 press ups
200 sit ups
complete 30 day shred

Clothes/size goals:
Out of maternity wear/hubbys fat clothes. 11/08
Into size 18 - clothes last worn in 2005. 12/08
Into size 16 jeans, bought after having Seth but never fit. 02/09
Into size 14 - back to pre-pregnancy size. 03/09
Into size 12 - bag of new clothes for me when I do 06/09

Out of joggers and back into 16s - July 2010

size 14 - yay I have more than one pair of trousers again
size 12 - it's like I have a wardrobe or something!
size 10, the clothes I adore 
Back into my wedding dress

Waist under 40"- July 2010
Waist under 32" (no longer "high risk" for diabetes)
Waist in the 20s
Waist-to-hip ratio <0.8> 
Waist-to-hip ratio <0.7>
Hips under 40" 

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