Sunday, March 15, 2009

number crunching

.. ready for this week: 1. Track everything you eat, and stick to your personal points allowance.

Thought a good start would be making sure I've got my current allowance right. Daily points allowance should be between 16-40, and is dependant on age, sex, weight and activity level.

Weightwatchers daily points allowance quiz:

Are you:
(3) Female
(9) Male

How old are you?
(5) 16-20
(4) 21-35
(3) 36-50
(2) 51-65
(1) over 65

How many stones do you weigh? (11)
ignore the lb, so 12st 4 = 12 and 11st 13 = 11

How tall are you?
(1) Under 5ft 4"
(2) 5ft 4" +

In your daily life, are you:
(0) sitting down most of the time *
(2) occasionally sitting, mainly standing
(4) walking most of the time
(6) doing physically hard work most of the time
* though I am fairly active, I do spend a great deal of time sat feeding the girls, and I'm getting extra points for the calories used then anyway - so I have always counted myself as sedentary in this part of the quiz.

If you are breastfeeding:
add (10) if your baby is receiving breastmilk exclusively.
add (5) if you are feeding a baby who is eating solids too.
(10) as I have 2 breastfed babies who are aso eating solid foods.

total points = 29 points a day.

When I started Weightwatchers my total came to 43! Despite the literature all saying that the maximum points ought only ever be 40, my leader and I agreed that breastfeeding twins made things different, and maintaining my supply was the priority. I went away the first week on 43 points, with the agreement that I could lower my daily allowance if weight didn't shift.

With 8lbs off the first week, and my first stone lost within 3 weeks, it was obvious that for my particular circumstances, the rule of *never less than 16, never more than 40* was not going to be followed. In fact I was on over 40 points for the first 4months, until the girls started eating solid foods. In this time I successfully lost almost 40lbs. The introduction of solid food to the twins' diets happened around the same time as I hit the 12 stones, meaning I jumped from 41 points to 30 inside a fortnight.. killer.

So, into the 20s now, and I need every one. Have been struggling to stick to 30 a day, so will be a real discipline to make sure I eat exactly 29 points every day this week. But I *will* do it.

Filling foods are my friends!!

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