Saturday, March 28, 2009

ready, camera, action!

Another day taking photos of everything before eating. Oddly enough this simple idea is doing the job. Binge week is over, all because I don't want to post pictures of too much junk! Just need to take the same desire to not have the food pasted here, turn it into willpower to stop putting it in my body.

Still, another day on points, plenty of activity and I ate and drank well. Going to take a peek at the scales tomorrow to see if those two telling pounds are planning to stick around to show me up on Monday, or whether they'll be let out early for good behaviour.

LOVED the bake mix we made tonight. Weight Watchers double choc brownie mix. Made up with light marg it's 10 points for the tray - with my extra light it was 8.5 points! Yummy, and splits into 8 decent sized portions. Very good value dessert with a scoop of frozen yoghurt for a total 5 points a serving. Back to Sainsburys to get more in the next few days!!

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