Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six months in.. revising the plan

28 weeks in and it has jogged along relatively easily, nearly 10lbs off a month - great. My personality and weightwatchers are a good combo. Still, I keep catching myself wondering when my streak of luck will run out, and it'll stop 'working'. I'm not able to really have faith that I deserve this weight loss, that it's for real, that I will be healthy and free of the flab. I still see myself as a massively obese woman with horrible diet choices and no exercise.

Sam caught me getting dressed this morning and, laughingly, asked me what I was doing. "Putting on my jeans" (he looks pointedly at the waistband) "would you like a belt? They are falling off you." I look down and pull at the extra 4-5 inches of material gaping open "mmm, I guess they are a bit loose, but the only other clean jeans that fit are a 14... I'm not that skinny"

.. and there it is. I've been stuck truly seeing myself as too fat to get back into regular sized clothing. Horribly aware of the band of flab and stretched skin left as a reminder of my pregnancies and very conscious of the risk of it spilling over too-tight trousers ("muffin top")
On dear hubbys insistence, and his loan of a mens jumper to wear, I went out in the size 14s. I survived, I got to live a few hours without yanking wayward jeans up, and no-one screamed and ran in disgust.

So, I figure it's time now to really look at what I'm up to, and base how I see myelf upon what changes I've made, rather than choices I was making over 6 months ago.

The weightwatchers discover plan is simple, follow it and you can expect a steady rate of weight loss.
1. Track everything you eat, and stick to your personal points allowance.
2. Drink plenty of fluids, 6-8 glasses each day.
3. A portion of calcium each day.
4. 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.
5. Be more active. Weightwatchers recommends working towards activity levels earning 28 bonus points a week.
Nursing mums need more nutrients, so please follow these guidelines:
Increase water to 8 glasses, dairy to 3 portions and fruit & vegetables to 8 portions. Fit in 3 teaspoons of healthy oils each day to ensure that you are getting the essential oils that you and your baby need. Remember to re-take the Personal POINTS Quiz when you start or stop breast-feeding.

So, following the likes of Bryher (just love looking back over her last 14 months journey) I will be focusing in one one of these areas each week for the next month.. aiming to build on each week to a successful whole. I don't do too badly anyway, though regularly go over by a few points on a day and dock it off others.. who am I kidding, I always do that.. figure that I'll work on balance and make sure that I am at my weekly total allowance. Fluids, I think I manage the 6 glasses, need to ramp up to the recommended 8. 3 portions of dairy, one I am slacking on to be honest. I eat loads of fruit and veg now and my exercise levels are better.. so already feeling a bit prouder of myself than I was at the start of this entry..

Monday 2 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 4 miles
Thursday 2 miles

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