Saturday, March 14, 2009

sneaky peek..

this morning put me at 163lbs, 2lb off this week. Whoop. Feeling cheered and motivated for a well behaved weekend by that result. =)

Very possible that I can get that last lb off too, to get to my Easter challenge goal of 162lbs. That would be awesome.

Weekends are good for earning activity points. I take Malachi to his Rugbytots class on a Saturday afternoon, an hour of running about after/with him in the sports centre, and moving his nearly 40lb frame about. Sundays we go to church, the walk is 3 miles there and back, and down and up a very steep hill, all while pushing 80lbs of kid&buggy, and carrying another 40lbs of babies.. should burn my extra lb just doing these activities!!

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  1. wow - you are so active! Well done on your loss this week :o)