Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some use fish, or poultry, some even their cats. I use my children..

.. not to worry, it's not as an ingredient for some bizarre cannibalistic recipe "the weightwatchers way"! This weeks weigh in showed a loss of 57lbs. As I've lost such a great amount I wanted to find a way to visualise how far I've come.

I have enjoyed Bryher's posts with images, thrown up by Google, of fish (and more recently celebs!) equalling her weight loss so far. Another blogger, Steph has used a rooster.. a forumite at WWonline has noted the 20lb she lost was equal to her pet cats.. I have a rather lovely (grin) brood of small children, whose weights I am often lugging about, so it really does help me realise just how much excess flab I've shifted.

The extra weight I have put down forever is now the equivalent of my 39lb 2 year old and one of my 18lb 10month olds!

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  1. What a great post! I'm going to weigh my 5 year old tomorrow LOL! i'm sure i've lost her!

    J x x x