Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This ought to be easy...

after blogging about it, I gathered up the halflings, chucked clean clothing on us all (small people need far too many wardrobe changes IMO) and out the door to a beautiful bright fresh spring afternoon. Nothing urgent to do, so walked as the mood took us.

Seth, nearly 4, is now beginning to appreciate the changing seasons. I was gutted to not have my camera as he splashed through a puddle, huge grin on his face and a broken crocus in hand. After winding across the green talking about the life cycle of the trees and flowers we decided to mooch on to Sainsburys, about a mile and a half away for (more) butternut squash, parsnips and apples. Then out to the library and finally popped into the local co-op/pharmacy to pick up the babies first toothbrushes.

Got back and noted we'd been out, and moving, for 3 hours.. felt like a fairly average walk, was thirsty but nor flagging.. so I guess on the exercise front we're quite alright as we are! So, walked a distance of 4 miles (not counting the wndering around at the green/in shops) totally forgot the pedometer, will try again tomorrow! The 5k RFL in 4 months ought to be fine .. although the girls will be a little bigger.

Monday 2 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 4 miles

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