Monday, March 09, 2009

Toffee pancakes - 2 points

Since I introduced my brood to pancakes a couple of weeks ago, I've been presented with little boys bearing flour and a whisk on a fair few occasions! VERY happy to oblige, but not to thrilled at eating a third of my daily points in batter and sweet sauces every other day, I decided to mess about with the ingredients a bit.

Instead of milk and an egg, I am using water and egg white. Substituting nutella spread for toffee sauce also cut the points values. Two small pancakes made with nutella two weeks ago were pointed at 12 a portion. Today's offering was low points, and very scrummy!

100g plain flour
8 fl oz water
1-2 egg whites
(makes 8 pancakes)
60g toffee sauce

drizzle 15g toffee sauce over 2 pancakes = 2 points.

Looking forward to being asked for these for snacks tomorrow morning!!


  1. I'm going to have to give that a go!! Sounds brilliant - I like pancakes although I'm not great at making them!

  2. We made these this morning - see the post on my blog - - adapted your recipe slightly but linked the original to your blog :o)