Monday, March 02, 2009

week 27 - last time in "the 12s"

weighed in at 12 stone on the nose today, half a lb lost over the week (not bad at all considering silly amounts of pancakes consumed!)

So, it's spring, I am on track for being at 11st 8lb for the end of the Easter challenge, have almost lost the weight I've carried since being a few weeks pregnant with Seth in 2004 and am more than halfway to goal. By the time the long nights are drawing back in I shall be at a very different stage in my journey - maintenance.

I am excited, it's really hit me that this is for real.. the changing shape, the new-found energy, the clothes that fit comfortably.. it's all just going to get better. I won't be struggling to cover over my bulge this summer, while sweating under a silly-big top.

Sam had taken two days off work, and today we went to the farm, soft play and out for a meal. I had desert, and went over my points, but am letting myself off as we were walking around all day, and this is meant to be long term - I'm gonna eat out and have treats with my kids. =)

Hubby, spurred on by my shrinking form, has been quietly watching his eating habits for 6 weeks and dropped from 275lbs to 262lbs. Now he's told me, spring is here and he intends to be back to goal for Autumn, around 205lbs. I'm really thrilled he's pushing himself, and look forward to a healthy anniversary photo!

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  1. WOW 12st something for the last time!!! Well done you and good luck for next week!

    Janine x x