Monday, March 09, 2009

week 28 - 4 stones off!

Whoop! Growth spurting they were, as this week saw another loss at the scales. I was really hoping to reach my 4th stone today at 166lbs, 11st 12lb is also the weight I remember being at my appointment with the midwife in Autumn 2004 when I was 2 months pregnant with Seth - so hitting it again would mean closing the door on my pregnancy gain from all 4 kids!

I was thrilled this morning when took a sneaky peek, my scales said 165lbs! The big official scales confirmed it, another 3lbs off this week, just what I needed to see after a slog of a week.

So, that's my eighth silver 7, and BMI is now around 29!

You lost another 7lb!

You lost another 7lb! Great job. You've got momentum going. Here are some ideas to keep you rolling. Don't forget to share your success with your Leader.

See you next week!


  1. That's fantastic - well done!

  2. WOW 4stone thats amazing, well done!!!