Monday, March 16, 2009

week 29

and it was a very reasonable 2lbs loss at WI this morning, so why did I pout? 'Cos I wanted 3lb darn it!! Really, in all seriousness I am of course thrilled that those 2lbs are melted off forever, but to be so tantalisingly close to my Easter goal is frustrating. Especially as I could have made it had I not messed around with those caramels mid week. Ah well, lesson learned.. (again.)

stats as of today -
BMI - 28.9
Weight - 163 lbs, total of 59 gone forever.

So, this week I am down to 29 points a day, going to keep up my daily movement of my lardy arse and hope to see that lb off at the scales next week (and then some).


a few hours later, and I have had a *lovely* day. Already buggered up sticking to 29 points every day this week, going for the 203 points over the course of the week.

Unless I can pretend the delicious serving of pancakes and Ben and Jerrys low fat (hah!) frozen yogurt didn't actually happen today.. No, that happened next Sunday, Mothers Day treat don't you know - 'tis how my food journal tells the story anyway. The look of stupified happiness on my bloated mug is just cause I Love Mondays That Much. =)

Sunshine, beautiful warm fresh Spring sunshine. A clean kitchen, babies ready for an outing, sleeping toddler in his pushchair and nearly 4 year old wanting to be outside. My mum phones to ask if we fancy a walk. Do we!!

Lovely stroll over to the garden centre, a quick stop for a drink (good girl has water) and a cake (just a 4 point slice.. that can be lunch, surely!?) then stop off at Sainsburys to see if they had any frozen yoghurt - have been plotting this particular splurge for nearly a week now.

Plenty of happy hormones released through the sunshine, a few more by the 150g of B&Js (low fat my bum, 6g saturates in that helping!) I have half a point left, which is going to be a handful of grapes to sweeten my evening. Sticking to 29 a day (21 on Sunday - wink, wink) should be doable, and take me to my goal of 162 or under next week.

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