Sunday, April 26, 2009

11 hours, 3 miles, a skirt and no pain..

bit of a "non scale victory" for me (Sam would argue it's more his win than mine..) today. For the first time in a long, long time I spent the day in a skirt. Outdoors, in public, with people we know. I love how skirts look on others, but can count on my hands how often I've worn one since puberty, and the onset of leg shape and hair. 3 times at college *once was fancy dress. On my hen night and wedding day (very different lengths) one evening in November 2005 for a formal party and.. well, today.

My reasons for disliking skirts were manifold. I hated feeling stuck, wanted to be able to run, jump fences, bike, climb trees.. do trousers stuff. I liked pockets, having a back pocket perfect for stashing a box of cigs and a lighter inside was a must. l hated showing my legs, remembering to keep them smooth and buffed was just another job to add to my already full to do list. Being quite short, and long torso-ed, getting a good fit in length was not easy. My real choices were floor length (fine except for the whole running, jumping, climbing trees ishoos) or mini.. umm no.

As I got larger other reasons were added - mainly the excruciating pain of my oversized thighs rubbing as I moved. I would want to wear a skirt, liking the idea of hiding my outline under floaty feminine material. The reality was a sweating, limping figure, near tears after an hour or so. The stinging, burning pain of my angry skin would throb for the rest of the day and interrupt my sleep that night.

When I began WW in August 2005 I bought myself a few pieces of clothing from Nomads as an incentive. Two summery tops and a long skirt. This one. It's free size "Zip and drawstring tie which you can adjust to size" Well, it never zippered up for me, but I held onto it, determined that I would wear these clothes one summer. I would pull that drawstring to size. I would be a person who was included in the bracket of "one size" In january I got it zippered up, had to wear it at my waist, and it only just did up, but it "fit".

Looking at the sun today, my planned trousers already messed with banana (thanks to whoever of my brood that was) I went to find the skirt, on a whim. Pulled it on, zippered it up - it fell to my hips.. wow! Drawstring adjusted and I was ready to go. Halfway down the hill, sun shining, holding the hands of my sons, giggling with one girl on her dads back and the other on my front, Sam said I looked happy - and how thin did my thighs feel? Heh!

Walked to and from church and my parents, did the usual chores around the house.. all feeling wonderfully cool and no rubbing. They feel very thin.

WI tomorrow, really really hoping that there will be 10st something on those scales. Need a 2lb loss. *Here's hoping*


  1. You look great in it!!

    Great NSV!!

  2. You look fantastic! I just found your blog and I'm doing WW after my first babe. So far I'm down 6lbs in my first two weeks!

    Best wishes to you!!

  3. Yay! You look wonderful in that skirt! Good luck at your WI tomorrow.

  4. great skirt you look so happy...way to go

  5. i love nomads. and you look fab.