Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another journal to fill with foody thoughts

Time to start my fresh new journal (week 33?!) back OP now after my "holiday". We got back on Monday late afternoon, ate silly food while travelling. Tuesday I took a peek at the damage, scales showed a gain of 2oz =) that afternoon/evening I had a bad migraine, triggered by all the gluten and sugar no doubt.

Have struggled today, and yesterday, eating all the wrong foods. Need to get back OP and get these numbers dropping again. I want to see the 10 stones before April is out, I am determined to get to my 5th stone off for the twins birthday in just under a month.

Filling out my shiny new journal, I took my measurements again, and was pleasantly surprised at some of the numbers.

BUST 50" 44" 42"
WAIST 48" 36" 32"
HIPS 49" 42" 39"
15" 12" 12"
THIGH 29" 24" 22"

A loss of 44 inches!! Nearly a foot in the last 2 months as well! Awesome.


  1. I wish I'd taken measurements to begin, but I didn't have the bravery to face those numbers. The weight was a big enough scare for one day.

    Now I just measure waist by the belt cinching. I guess it works....

    I can totally empathize with the poor eating. My last weekend was harsh. Just get back at it and press on. You can do it!

  2. Wow thats fantastic, you must be well chuffed with yourself! I to have taken my measurements, scary as it was but hope to see a reduction soon. x