Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't super size me

Sam WI this morning at 250lbs. 25lbs gone in 3 months, not too shabby =)

He's done so well, a 3rd of the way to goal. Waist at start was 48", now it's 40.5", his BMI has gone from an "obese" 32.6 to an "overweight" 29.6. Another 2.5lbs and he'll have lost 10%.

The changes he has made each week are working. He's not following any program, but tracking occasionally, eating a lot more low GI foods and cutting down on fat and sugary caffeinated drinks.

His next change is going to be cutting out McDonalds and the like. The kids and I don't eat the stuff anyway (though Seth is partial to a burger, with the fastfood he usually eats a few mouthfuls then tells me it's dirty!) and I won't step foot in McDs. Sam however eats breakfast there every weekday! Leaves the house at 7.20, and the only place open at work before 9 is the evil golden arches.

Sickened by how the greasy muffin compares to the rest of his diet, he is making changes, for the next week he is going to get up 10mins earlier and make a bowl of oatso simple. The oats should keep him going longer and cleans, rather than slug up his gut first thing.

Timely then, that I found a copy of Morgan Spurlocks documentary film, Super size me when mooching around CeX yesterday. We watched it this evening, if he wasn't ready to quit using the fast food before, he is now!


  1. Wow. He's doin well.

    Also, he's TALL. 6'5" (1.95m) right?

  2. Tall bloke, yes.

    There was just a foot between us when we met, but he's grown since! Meant I *had* to wear heels on my wedding day - now THAT is love, lol.