Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter check in - nearly time to check out

On my notebook and dial up in the hotel. Kids are asleep, it's our last night before we head back south tomorrow. We've had a really lovely relaxing but funfilled weekend away. Lots of catching up with friends, enjoying eating out and spoiling ourselves.Staying in a travelodge means we've been totally reliant on eating out for our meals, taking the eating out guide along, and taking time to think through the most sensible venue for each meal has made it a lot more weightwatchers friendly than I'd have imagined it would be.

Friday at a pageant in the city centre, and spending the afternoon catching up with friends at a kids megacentre and dinner (9 kids between our 2 families, they had a blast!) Saturday in Sheffield for a meet up with some women who are so important to me, but I rarely get to see and today we were at our old church and then out for a relaxed afternoon lunch and cinema trip for the boys. Lots of fun, far too many opportunities to eat crap!

We've pointed everything, not stayed within points by any stretch of the imagination, but we've kept track and made sensible choices 80% of the time. Not going to be back for weigh in tomorrow am, so I have this week to sort myself out and chuck out any extra lbs that may have set up camp around my waistline.

Tomorrow is the start of week 33, new journal begins. I'll jump on my scales at home to check out the damage - I'm hoping to be at the weight I was last week for next weeks WI.. kind of nervous to see what my eating out has done!

Hope everyone has had/is having a wonderful Easter. =)

Oh, and for those in Solihull/Birmingham/Leicester get yourselves to Handmade Burger Co. The food is gorgeous! As well as our burgers (YUM!) we shared flame grilled veg, freshly made coleslaw - light and zingy - and the most perfectly crisp chips and onion rings, bursting with flavour and melt in the mouth good.


  1. sounds like a great trip! and OP that is always tough for me on vacation

  2. Sounds like you've had fun - we've been away too, but haven't been anywhere as near good as you have been with actually pointing stuff! I am back on track 100% tomorrow.