Wednesday, April 22, 2009

easy PEASy..

I am loving my "challenge" to eat my 5-a-day (actually for me it's 8 a day as per weightwatchers recommendation for breastfeeding mums) I love bulking out my meals with veg, and snacking on bowls of fresh juicy fruit.

According to the NHS the average person in the UK eats less than 3 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, children/young people are eating even less! About a third of what we eat should be fruit and veg. 5-a-day is a good starting point and an achievable target.

I know that my diet includes at least 5 a day, as should Sam's now he's planning what he's eating, and losing weight. I'm not sure about the kids though. Some days they'll munch the contents of the fruit bowl between them, and nibble on the offered of veg at dinner, other days they are scoffing good amounts of oats, pulses and protein.. but not enough of the colourful stuff.

Casting my mind back to yesterday, Seth ate granola, savoury pancakes, maize crisps, beef and an apple. Malachi had a banana pancake and granola, 2 beef burgers with cucumber, tomato and baby potatoes, and homemade haddock pie - sweet potato, sweetcorn and broccoli. The girls ate granola and banana with a little yoghurt, potato, tomato and cucumber and maize snacks. Course they are getting the majority of their calories and nutrients.
So far today Seth has had 2 apples, some carrots and cucumber. The younger 3 have all had tomato, cucumber, banana, apple, carrots, sweet potato and coleslaw.
The youngest 3 are getting plenty, which is great to see. Seth is a picky eater and has always been, I've always noted that his daily intake caries wildly, so it will be interesting to keep track and see what is going in.
I ate 6 portions on Monday, 8 on Tuesday, and 8 today. Sam has around 2 at each of lunch and dinner, though occasionally he has a meal with only 1.. so he needs to add in 2 snacks a day of fruit/veggies.

Sam is going to try out getting snack boxes delivered starting tomorrow. The site looks fantastic, a great way to test out new combinations and keep energy and blood sugar stable throughout the day at the office. Hoping he'll agree we should get one sent here for me to try, some of the nut combos look divine!!

I've been keeping up the calcium component and found a yummy 1 point snack that uses both a calcium and fruit portion - a sliced apple with a 1/2 point of fat free yoghurt. The fat free Weightwatchers toffee 120g pots are perfect. Throwing a handful of fruit into sugar free jelly is another yummy way to get 1 (or 2) of your 5 a day. Pick a jelly flavour and whichever fruit you fancy (maybe not kiwi, pineapple and papaya - they'll stop the jelly setting) and chuck them in once the jelly has begun to set. I like raspberry jelly and frozen berries.. mmm (Sam also likes to add extra light whipped cream - a great bit squirt is just 1/2 point).

I try to have at least 2 veg in every meal and have begun substituting potato for butternut squash. As well as bulking out my meals with extra veg where I can, it's often a way of grabbing a free or low point snack. A bowl of grilled or roasted with fry light veg is 0 points depending on what you use. I love to slice up a red onion, courgette, peppers, some parsnips and butternut squash and roast them with frylight. Yummy munchies to keep afternoon hunger pangs at bay.
Also loving my 0 point omelettes. 3-4 egg whites and 2 tbsp of skimmed milk. I dry fry mushrooms, peppers and onions and grill a tomato. Throw them into the setting egg and season.. yum!

Going to push myself to make sure I'm eating 8 a day, and give the whole family a chance to try a new fruit or veggie each day for the remaining 4 days of this WW week!


  1. Dude! I want snack boxes! stoopid uk and their fancy delivered snacks

  2. Bah, if I was in UK, I'd totally eat nothing but fried food.