Thursday, April 02, 2009

enemy at the gate...

Ack, all I need, more temptation. I am addicted to wheat, yet it hates me. End up bloated, in chronic pain and breathless if I indulge.. still I long for baked goods. Now the 25th Krispy Kreme UKfranchise is about to open, in the shopping centre we use almost weekly.

Krispy Kreme teams will hit the Centrale shopping centre and the Croydon High Street from 11am on Saturday March 28 and Sunday 29 in the run-up to the unveiling of the new store.

Over 12,000 of their original glazed doughnuts are on offer to lucky passers-by but they will have to be quick to get their first taste in.

(last weeks guardian)

We were there, we grabbed one each. THEY WERE LUSH.

Have to go through Croydon this Sunday, we'll need lunch there, needless to say I've already put aside points for a mocha and maple glazed donut.


  1. They are great aren't they? I find it difficult to go through London Paddington station without buying one - its the only place I know of that sells them (that I go near ever anyway)!

  2. OMG we've got one here in Portsmouth. They are very hard to resist. Any idea of points?


  3. Between 3.5-6.5 points each!! Nutritional info here:

    Already looking forward to blowing 6 points on a maple glaze and mocha - yum!

  4. an update - sooo not worth the excitement/points. Had calculated wrong, they are all between 5-7, most falling to the high end too.

    Waste of points on something that tastes ok, but for 6 points I want something that tastes really naughty, or really good nutrition. These were neither.