Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Giant albino soap-grapes masquerading as conkers

Today was Lychee day. Sam likes lychee on his ice cream, I've never paid them much attention, just grabbed a punnet when he has asked and left him to them. Not on my radar at all.

First thoughts on getting them out of the fridge was that they were very pretty conkers.. the pink ladies of the conker world. A quick read of the label, and I was peeling off the outer case (quite therapeutic) and pulling the white flesh off of the beautiful brown seeds. OK, so they smell like blossom, and look like giant albino grapes. Not too scary.

As per the label, and Sams advice, I grabbed a bowl of ice cream and dumped the lychee on. Looked good enough, a bit like the picture I'd expect to see on a laundry liquid advert, but OK.

Except it smelled like a perfumed liquid. The first taste was lovely, but as the smell/taste went on it got a bit too much for me. As a someone who suffers from allergies, eating squishy petals wasn't too thrilling.

Halfway through and I had decided that while I could taste that these fruits were exquisite, they're not for me.

They have an interesting texture, a little tougher than a grape. The flesh is sweet and flowery - great if you aren't someone who dislikes flowery scented stuff.. The temptation to chuck the fruit off and gobble the ice cream was ignored, and I enjoyed knowing that the portion had provided me with my recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

Nose still wrinkled I finished up the portion. Tasted like my grandma had been touching my food, having not rinsed her hands of her incredibly flowery soap. Fun to prepare though, and very pretty.


  1. Humm, they look...erm...interesting!!

    I like florally-type-things....so I may be a copy-cat and try them!

  2. I think they look like eyeballs, especially when floating peeled in a drink.
    Plus I have an issue with the texture and the taste...so er....no.

  3. Ooooh,I LOVE Lychees.I grew up with them tho,mum is SE Asian and I think you have to be used to all these different tastes and textures from a young age as there are some very strange things,which I didn't think were abnormal till my mates came round for dinner and vice versa :D