Thursday, April 23, 2009

graze craze

The first of Sams Graze boxes arrived today. Checking the blogroll it seems he was in good company!

It's a fab idea - healthy snacks delivered to wherever you are. Opportunity to try new foods and mix things up without the worry of buying and potentially wasting food. Prepared and packed ready to eat.

They are nationwide (UK) anywhere that postie visits can be Graze-d Tues-Sat. In a box there's 3 punnets, a large portion of fresh fruit, and then a medium and small punnet each containing nuts, seeds, dried fruits, crackers & olives. It's all free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Online you mark the food items like, love, bin or try. The box is made up based on these ratings.

Sam's already taking a Sainsburys "healthier" ready meal - they look and taste great, not the usual ordeal of eating a salty, sloppy alien warmed in black plastic, pretending to yourself that you do believe this resembles the meal portrayed on the (unnecessary, wasteful) outer packaging. He isn't ever organised enough to make and take lunch, wants something cooked, and frankly - no. I cannot see where I could sanely fit making another meal every day!! Happy to do it when we were childless, or had less than 4 kids aged and under!!

Menu choices aren't great near his office - a McDonalds, TGIs and the cafe downstairs.. offering mediocre baguettes and jacket spuds. Nowhere to grab fruit or granola bars etc. He keeps a stash of alpen light in his desk, but fruit gets bruised on his commute.

So, graze might just be the ticket. It's relatively expensive - 2.99 a box, but considering how many different foods we'd have to buy and keep airtight to give Sam the same variety, it's a good price. Plus if he's got these alongside his lunches, his work food and travelfare is costing around a tenner a day - not bad at all.

His food for the day at the office - after a brekkie of oatso simple - was beef stroganoff, sliced apple, pistaschios and dried cherries. All good stuff, 5.98 spent, no extra time needed from me, and all pointed/recyclable packaging =)

Points for todays box were 6.5, perfect for munching healthily at a desk.

You can get a box for free with the code
free box code: 3424YVNG

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  1. They really need something like that here in America. I'm insanely jealous!