Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Horses, blossom, Madagascar...

days like today the diet fades into the background, in a good way. I'm not thinking about food or points, but track effortlessly, eating sensibly and getting enough time to cook (really though it's getting the time free to concentrate on preparing my meals that means I eat sensibly.. ) The weather is bright and breezy, we have a few easy errands to run, housework fits in around nursing and changing babies, kids get on, nothing breaks, my body is working and head is clear.

This is how a healthy person feels all. the. time. What an incentive! No wondering if I look fat, having all my clothes fit without unsightly bulging. Eating what I fancy, because what I want is *good*. Healthy diet and exercise meaning happy oxygenated brain. Kids well fed and feeling relaxed with a mum who can keep up with them, and say yes to pleas for a walk in the sun. How great to have this as a "normal" day.

We just popped to the local shops for eggs, and to the library for one of our bi-weekly visits. It hit me how much these sorts of outings have changed in the last 7 months. Now that I am not rushing our trips, desperate to be back in the safety of the house, or simply too warm or breathless under the twins, we can really explore the environment around us - somewhat of a necessity for 4 new minds, eager to make discoveries.

At the top of our road there is a field, the lady who owns it rescues horses and keeps them there while they are in 'recovery'. Gives them space to graze and get used to normal human contact. There have been 2 horses there for a month now. We see them daily and they are beginning to get friendly.

The blossoms in the trees had all the halflings in awe, the girls wanted to reach the flowers, looking mesmerised by the floating petals in pink and white. Kai managed to catch a falling blossom, and happily gazed at it while Seth threw up petals like confetti.

Standing, watching (and capturing) these moments it began to dawn on me how much I was going to lose out on by staying too big. Too self conscious to let my children meet a horse. Too hot to watch them marvel at the changing seasons. Too tired to be with my kids as they make their childhood memories..

As we left the supermarket I wasn't in a rush to get outdoors and eat a bag of 5 cookies, nor was I needing to rush a pint of ice cream home before it melted. I wasn't busy deciding whether to make angel delight or eat hot cross buns, and because my eyes weren't focused on opening a milkshake, I caught sight of this...

and we went home and watched madagascar 2, while I made omelettes and drank my very yummy lime and lemon sparkling water.


  1. this post really brought a smile to my face :)
    and that picture of baby reaching up to touch the flowers is just amazing!

  2. Just checking in. :) You look just beautiful Joy! You're amazing. And Krispy Kreme would be the death of me if I let them!

  3. Joy, your kids are adorable! And such a beautiful girl you are. My mom is here visiting and she read your blog too. She is from Northampton. We were last in England in May 2006 staying with my aunts up in Skegness. You've done really well. The picture of you and the big jeans is amazing! Woo-Hoo for you! I look forward to reading more.