Monday, April 27, 2009

"Mummy, I am NOT eating a(n) alien"

Last week I was going to include 4 components recommended by weight watchers each day.
1. Track everything you eat, and stick to your personal points allowance.

2. Drink plenty of fluids, 6-8 glasses each day.

3. A portion of calcium each day.

4. 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

- Nursing mums need more nutrients, so please follow these guidelines:
Increase water to 8 glasses, dairy to 3 portions and fruit & vegetables to 8 portions.

I tracked every bite, I stuck to my weeks 203 points. Plenty of fluids guzzled, though I am still forgetting and getting too thirsty on occasion. Have had yoghurt/pro biotic each morning with my granola, plus milk in omelettes and my white/decaf tea. I ate an average of 6.5 portions of fruit & veg each day, but didn't try anything new, simply as we had so much in already it would have meant letting something spoil if I'd bought more.

So - this week I will try a new fruit or veggie each day. I am a bit nervous, as I eat a fair amount already, and am going to have to go out of my comfort zone a bit. Seems a bit weird to be nervous about tasting stuff, but hey.

Since starting weight watchers I have tried several new foods - shallots, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, butternut squash, courgette, aubergine, pears and kiwi. I'm not a huge fan of aubergine, but it didn't hurt me, and everything else tasted wonderful.. so adding another 7 ought to be fun!

Went around Sainsburys and after grabbing the staple fruit and veg, added a few new items.. so our trolley had:

white grapes
red/black grapes*
courgette (zucchini)
butternut squash
aubergine (eggplant)
sweet potato

*items that I have not tried
** I have eaten banana, once, aged 4. I am terrified of it. The idea of eating bananas fills me with dread. I hate banana flavouring. Wish I could get over it, I would love to be able to include them in my diet. Since having kids (who all love banana) I am able to handle them, and even peel them and touch *shiver* the fruit without gagging. Part of me wants to try them, hoping that I will have changed my mind and LOVE them.. but there is a big mental barrier..

So, 5 fruits (if we include the scary yellow one) and 2 veg. I will prepare them as recommended on their labels, and will eat the entire portion (unless it's really, truly rank!)

Today I went for Celeriac. After clarifying with a few people that it was in fact "suh-ler-ee-ak" and not, as my 3yo had decided, "celery-yuck". I can't imagine anything much more yuck than celery. I have already scoffed the majority of my days points, after baking a batch of chocolate muffins, and discovering there was a tub of toffee ice cream in the freezer (ahh, well.. at least it's a couple of dairy portions...) With just 4.5 points left as of 11.30am it had to be a veggie day.

Large, scary vegetable out of the fridge and on the worktop, I looked to see what the label said when suddenly - *gasp* "what is that?! mummy.. look it's a monster.. no, it's a, a alien!?" (I blame 3D cinema) Right, calm child, show him it's inanimate. Wash and peel, then either mash, or cut into chunks and roast like potatoes. OK.

Peeling the thing was like taking a class in carpentry, sure I was burning any calories I was about to consume just getting the thing prepared. A few moments into peeling I thought to myself how it really smelt like celery, then clicked I was probably being a tad dense (as I had when first preparing BNS and exclaiming that it smelt "nutty") Seth was visibly relieved to see that after I had washed the muddy bits, peeled it to within an inch of it's life and removed it's tentacles, it looked a lot less squid-alien and more like a root veg.

Lunch then was to be 2 Sainsburys BGTY sausages grilled (2.5) cut up and mixed with roasted (with frylight) veg - 1/2 a butternut squash, 1/3 a celeriac, 1/2 onion, a courgette and a green pepper.

Cut it into chunks and chucked in the oven for 20mins. I went to trusty google to find out what I was about to eat; 'celery root' Aha. Yes. Of course.

Lunch was yummy! The nutty, rooty flavour of the celeriac with the sweet, mushy BNS went fantastically. Will be buying that again!!


  1. ooh, sounds yummy :)
    Hope you like the artichokes, they're one of my favourite! Stick the in boiling water, then dip the soft end of each leaf in vinaigrette to eat it. And when you get to the middle, chuck out all the hairy bits and enjoy the heart, yum!!

  2. "With just 4.5 points left as of 11.30am it had to be a veggie day."

    That sooo made me chuckle!!

    So does it taste....celery-ish?
    Can't stand celery!!

    I should try new things....I'm getting bored with the 'norm'

  3. I said to Sam that they taste like a cross between celery and a potato. They are not as starchy as potatoes, softer texture. And they don't have the zingy strong biting taste of celery (which I don't like). The flavour in celeriac is much more muted. It is very yummy.

  4. im with your kids no effing way!

  5. I used to have serious issues with bananas -- I freaked out about those stringy bits on the side. OMG.
    However, when I was pregnant last year I ate MILLIONS of them and now I love them.
    Oh the bizarre things that pregnancy does to your body!!