Monday, April 06, 2009

my firstborn and my youngest..

Either of the girls would have worked, they usually weigh exactly the same, or if there is a difference there's just under an ounce between them.

7 months ago my body weight alone was equal to my present weight, plus the weight of both my nearly 4 year old and one of my 10.5 month olds.

So happy to be going into the summer without the 65lbs of extra insulation that's for sure!!

Cannot believe I was managing to hulk around all the extra AND carry the kids about as well.


  1. Thank you for the encouragements! I would love to be as far down the road of weightloss as you! You've been doing amazingly well... and it is difficult to imagine you've lost the weight of a small child and a baby, yikes!

  2. And did they feel heavy holding them like that? I'm really tempted to give the secretary at work a piggy back for a while as she only weighs 6.5lb more than I've lost (7 stone 1.5)!

  3. they are a weight, I am used to carrying them, but can't get my head around the idea that my skin, heart and lungs were supporting that much extra mass.. AND carrying the kids. Ouch.

    Would be an awesome pic for your blog!!

    Sara, I know how it feels so far away, I read Bryhers blog and imagine how it will be to have got the 7 stone off. We are all on the same road, all succeeding! It was just 5 months ago I got my 10% after the first 22lbs - keep going at it lovely lady. =)

  4. Hi, Joy. I just saw your comment on Carlos' blog. You sounded so supportive, I just had to get me some of that! You've done incredible. I'm looking forward to following this one.