Wednesday, April 08, 2009

pat on the back and packing the bags

been an ok day, food a bit silly, grazing lots. We are going back up to Leicester tomorrow for Easter weekend. Really excited to see friends after 5 months away from them. Every item of clothing has been washed. After the 5th load of laundry I opened my email and was pleasantly surprised by an email from someone who had written to me after stumbling across the blog (find this totally weird - in a very lovely way - that another person would care enough to reach out and share in the journey) Made me smile as I read her kind words, thankyou. The cyber arm that was patting me on the back also must have dished out the remaining hot cross buns between the halflings, as when I went to munch them, they were (thankfully) no longer on my plate..

Going to take my mini notepad and mobile internetwith me. Sam has started tracking points this week after a 2lb gain last week (he's done so well though, 21lbs off since Jan) and is adamant we take all the weightwatchers books, so we should be able to keep tabs on each other!


  1. Nothing wrong with grazing! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend. We'll be on the road as well.

  2. so much better doing it as a team. easier!