Friday, April 03, 2009

these boots are made for walking..

at least I hope they are.. Last week walking was a drag. The shoes had been wearing weren't fitting well, and my wonky feet were complaining loudly. Really need to be careful with my feet, I have talipes (as do both my daughters, all our left feet are worst!) and new shoes need to fit well to prevent me getting "lazy" and letting my foot roll under on itself.

When pregnant with my eldest I bought a pair of crocs, I loved the width and ease of getting them on with a big belly, and was converted to the cult of ugly shoe. 3 years later and I was still wearing crocs. Still in pain with what I assumed was SPD last summer I was looking for a more supportive shoe. When I couldn't fit into my usual size (UK 5), or the next, but had to slip on a 7 to get comfy, I was shocked! The amount of weight I had gained had spread all the way tp my feet! No wonder my hips hurt trying to walk in too small shoes.

The pain went away, until last week, seems the fat from my feet is melting as I feel much better after a week back in size 5.5 - phew less pain, more walking..

mon 2 walks - 3.75
tues 2 walks - 3
wed 2 walks - 3
thurs 1 walk - 2.25
fri 3 walks - 4
sat 1hr rugbytots, 1 walk - 2.25
sun walk - 2.75

21 miles this week, better. =)

WI in 2 hours time, hoping for a good loss after last weeks gain.. Easter challenge target of 25lbs means I'd need to lose 4lbs, to get my next silver 7 I need to lose 3lb.. we'll see.

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