Tuesday, April 21, 2009

time for me to belt up

and no, I'm not going to give your eyes a break from my ramblings.. I'm having to start using a belt to hold my trousers up.

All my wonderful size 14s are too big! The 12s in my wardrobe go on, just, but not comfortably enough for me to switch yet. Plus, I find it very hard to believe that I am anything close to a size 12 yet. That's just so... normal?!

All my belts are too small, being from when I weighed 2 stone less than now, but Sam's skinny belts are great, and have held up my 14s all day long.

Stunned at the idea that of being smaller than a 14, I decided to check out my measurements against a sizing chart. Measurements today were 39.5 (bust) 31.5 (waist) 39 (hips).

According to Dorothy Perkins I am a 14-16 top and 14 bottom. Topshop agree. Same at Marks and Spencers - in fact here my hips are a 12.. then I noticed the plus size size guide. I always have assumed I was a 22 at my biggest. I didn't check, I wore my XL maternity jeans/joggers or Sam's XXL man trousers. After the c-section I avoided fitted trousers, terrified of aggravating the angry scar that was made in emergency.. cosmetic appeal not foremost in the doctors mind. Truth was the physical wound had healed perfectly, but it gave me something to hide the real pain behind.. the emotional pain and fear of facing up to having to shop in special shops, of not fitting into "normal" clothes.

I pretty much lived in my maternity jeans (baggy fit size 20 with full elasticated panel) and XL maternity lounge trousers. Once the last pair of my jeans wore through (my fat thighs literally broke through the seams every 3 months and I'd need to buy new) I went to H&M and bought a pair of size 20 maternity jeans. I thought they looked huge, my babies were 3 months old - I should have been putting the maternity wear away, not buying more. I got home and they would not fit. I couldn't get them up over my hips and the panel struggled to stay up over my belly. The panel designed to be worn over another human in utero was too small...

I thought instead it would make sense to wear my husbands "fat" jeans - just "until I dropped a few lbs to fit into my 18s" the clothes I felt awful buying after having my first, shocked to be buying such a large size. Clothes I now longed to wear.

Sam's fat jeans are so well worn in and something like a 46" waist, I thought they'd be too big. Early in September 2008, I pulled them on and discovered, to my horror, that I could barely get the zip closed. I went along to Weightwatchers that week.

My starting measurements for WWs were 51-48-49. The area over my scar was bigger than either my waist or hips, at 50". According to Evans size guide that made me a 26-28 bust 28 waist and 24 hips (taking the flab over the top hips into account.) A 28. My waist ought to be 28" not SIZE 28!!

Size 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
Bust - (cm) 97 103 109 115 121 125 129 133 137 141
(inches) 38 40½ 43 45 47½ 49 50½ 52 54 55½
Waist - (cm) 80 86 92 98 104 111 118 125 127 129
(inches) 31½ 34 36 38½ 41 44 46½ 49 50 51
Top hip (cm) 100 106 112 118 124 130 136 142 149 156
(inches) 39 41½ 44 46½ 48½ 51 53½ 56 58½ 61½
Bottom hip - (cm) 101 107 113 119 125 131 137 143 150 157
(inches) 39½ 42 44½ 47 49¼ 51½ 54 56½ 59 61¾

According to Evans chart now my waist and hips are spot on their size 14, bust is at 14-16. From 28 to 14 in less than 8 months.. incredible. Terrifying. Wonderful. How did I get there and not notice?

For as long as points and scales stay a part of my life, there's a new friend who'll always be kept close by now. My tape measure. There also lurk in my bedroom a few other items that remind me where I went.. the fat jeans and my sloggy trousers. Might have to pull them out for pictures at some point soon.


  1. Ooh, size 14 jeans getting too big, I'm so jealous, lol!

    Your results are absolutely stunning! I can't believe how well you've done :)

    And thank you for posting the size table... it confirms I have gone from a 24 to a 20 (bottom) and a 20 to a 16 (top). Just wish I wasn't such a pear, lol!

  2. Wow Sara, a drop of 2 sizes all over is fantastic.

    My shape has changed completely since having kids though. When I last weighed this amount it was 2004 and I was a 12-14 top and 16 bottom. Though at goal I was an "hourglass" my body took the typical pear shape with extra weight on.

    Think things will even out more down the line when the breastaurant isn't quite so busy as it is now ;)