Monday, April 06, 2009

week 32, back on track, raring to go

After spending all week determined to get back on track, newly focused with my goal of 141lbs to hit, I was hoping to be rewarded with a fab time at the scales. I got exactly what I needed. Weight today was 157lbs -11st 3lbs. 5lb loss this week earnt me my 9th silver 7 and pushed my BMI down almost a whole point. Also means I achieved my 25lbs loss for the Easter Challenge.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.8
Weight - 157 lbs, total of 65 gone forever. 16 til gold.

Took my before pictures in this week, as I had been promising for nearly a month. Cue gasps from leader, helpers and members. I hope that means there are changes apparent! I had already hit my 10% and lost 22lbs when I started at my current group, so though my leader has seen me 3 stone heavier, she never saw me at top weight. In my photos it's plain how big I was, shocking actually. I really cannot get my head around how I didn't see how much I was putting on.

Walked 21 miles last week, which is want I want to be doing a week.

I stuck to the first 2 parts of the 5 key points of weightwatchers, this week I'll add the 3rd.
1. Track everything you eat, and stick to your personal points allowance.
2. Drink plenty of fluids, 6-8 glasses each day.
3. A portion of calcium each day.

- Nursing mums need more nutrients, so please follow these guidelines:
Increase water to 8 glasses and dairy to 3 portions.

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