Monday, April 27, 2009

week 35 - called on account of the rain

At 9.30 this morning I was raring to get going to WI. My mum was running late but called to say she was coming, though not WI herself this week as she had to rush. Kai was fully dressed, laying on the floor watching Dora and the girls were both shattered and wanting to nurse to sleep. Seth was still snoozing away downstairs. Despite having gone down and poked him a few times, bribed him with choco cereal for brekkie, and then having his younger brother bounce on him, he kept just laughing, letting out sleepy cries of "Hey, NO!" and rolling back to sleep. He had a particularly late night, playing trains with his dad til silly o'clock..

And then it started chucking it down. Arse.

Mum arrived half an hour late, drenched, with a drenched double buggy (trying to make WI a speedier process, last week they went in the buggy, saves me unwrapping and rewrapping them both for the sake of a 10 minute walk!) the babies were still wanting me, despite having spent 30mins feeding and a barely conscious Seth was arguing with the sofa about whether he wanted to wear boots or socks (?!?)

So we did WI here. With my mother and 2 hungry babies as witness I was in the 10s!! 2.5lbs off since last week.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.1
Weight - 153 lbs, total of 69 gone forever. 12 til gold.

Walked lots again this last week, as well as getting out into London, and taking both boys to Rugbytots.. running around after the 2 of them was a LOT of fun, really great to see them both enjoying the same class.

Monday - 4.75 miles. My big boy walked so far (including a killer mile long hill)
Tuesday - 1.25 miles.
Wednesday - 3 miles.
Thursday - 2.25 miles.
Friday - 4.5 miles.
Saturday - 3.2 miles
Sunday - 2.05 miles (the 2 yr old walked this too - included the killer hill! Amazing for him.)

21 miles total. =)


  1. Omg...omg...o.m.g.!!

    I am soooo pleased for you!!



  2. way to go! kick ass you!

  3. well done, superb loss this week!! Bet you are chuffed to bits :)