Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is your fat age?

High street chain Lloyds Pharmacy has developed a calculator based on common daily diets so people can work out if they have a fat age higher than their real one. The calculator asks simple questions about daily consumption of various types of food including eggs and cheese and chicken as well as biscuits and sweets.

This is then used to work out how much fat, in particular saturated fat, is eaten per day compared to recommended levels.

Telegraph 28th April 2009

The calculator is flawed, in that it doesn't take into account the use of skim milk, still the results were very interesting for me!

As of last September, aged 24 and eating a diet that had me gaining weight despite feeding two newborns, my fat age was 37, and my saturated fat age a staggering 47.. almost double my actual age.

Taking the online test today aged 25, both my fat and saturated fat ages come back as massively improved, well worth kicking the processed meats and overuse of full fat dairy.

Your fat age is 23
Your saturated fat age is 23


  1. Really interesting - thanks :)

  2. wow just wow... must have really hit home for you...